A more responsive and proactive disability support system led by Disabled People and Whānau

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After three decades of hard work and dedication, disabled people and whānau will lead the next evolution of a more flexible and responsive disability support system.

With the announcement of the new transformation system for disability support and the establishment of a new ministry, the National Enabling Good Lives (NEGL) Leadership group views this as a testament to the disability community in Aotearoa.

“The Enabling Good Lives (EGL) principles provide a fundamental basis to ensure disabled people and whānau can expect responsive and flexible support in the future. ” says Jade Farrar, chair of NEGL. “There is an absolute expectation that disabled people and whānau will lead this change.”

Established in 2011, Enabling Good Lives is a principle-based approach to support disabled people to live the lives they want and are able to actively participate in society. The EGL approach was developed by an independent working group of disabled people, whānau, tangata whenua and service providers. The vision of the Enabling Good Lives approach is that in the future, disabled children and adults and their families will have greater choice and control over their supports and lives, and make more use of natural and universally available supports.

With demonstrations in the Waikato, MidCentral and Christchurch, it is evident that the EGL approach has made significant impacts on the lives of the disability community. Due to the flexibility around supports, EGL positions disabled people and whānau at the forefront where they are able to create a life of their choosing.

The EGL approach aims to support the disability community and whānau by creating more choice, control and opportunity.

The NEGL Leadership group acknowledges the decades of commitment and contribution from the disability community in Aotearoa, says Farrar. “We look forward to furthering this work and continuing to collaborate with the disability community.”

NEGL is the guardian and kaitiaki of the Enabling Good Lives approach on behalf of the Minister for Disability Issues

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Jade Farrar
Chair of the National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group

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